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When it comes to training English at scale, ELSA is the go-to solution for banks, hotels, airline companies, and many other industry leaders.

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Trusted by the world’s leading global brands

Replacing traditional
English training

Our partners save millions in tutoring costs each year by using ELSA instead. With our AI-powered speech-recognition technology, your employees can receive detailed feedback on pronunciation, fluency, intonation, and more without having to go to any physical class.

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A personal AI English-speaking coach for every employee

ELSA helps your employees build confidence and

improve speaking skills in as little as 3 months. No classes needed.


ELSA has been downloaded over 50M times

in 195 countries worldwide.


have seen an improvement in pronunciation


express higher confidence in speaking English


feel they speak more clearly

(*Based on learners who use ELSA 10 minutes a day for three months.)

Customized content for your industry

Learning is all about context.

That’s why we have a dedicated team of language experts ready to create relevant modules for your industry.

ELSA has partnered with pioneering airlines to offer training for thousands of cabin crew members.
Our AI English assessment and training app allows cabin crew to deliver the best-in-class communication with customers while shaving off up to 80% in traditional training costs.
Clear communication and pronunciation are a must for high-quality service.
ELSA has partnered with leading global luxury hotel chains to build interactive content for customer-facing staff, increasing customer satisfaction while improving English training ROI.
Call Centers
English pronunciation can make or break customer satisfaction, yet there's never been a good solution to train English pronunciation at scale.
ELSA helps your staff improve their English pronunciation and comprehensibility, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and most importantly, helping you win new business.
IT & Consulting
English communication is a must-have skill for IT staff in the international business environment.
ELSA has worked with IT Outsourcing & Consulting firms to train their IT staff to improve their English speaking, allowing for smooth internal and external communication

Designed for learners. Loved by HR.

ELSA Business streamlines the recruitment and learning & development process.

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Engage your employees

Increase your employees' engagement with competitive games and communities in ELSA

Measure Progress

Measure the progress of employees, departments, or the whole company using ELSA dashboards

Assess and train at scale

Assign language, technical and social skills tests to employees with a few clicks using the ELSA testing platform

Success Stories

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IT & Consulting

NashTech saw an improvement in the spoken English of 93% of their employees.

RICE University students improved pronunciation skills by 14% with ELSA after only 6 weeks of practice.
100% of ATAD Steel Structure employees showed improvement after 6 months with the top performer practicing 24 minutes/ day.
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Awards and Recognitions


Top 4 companies using AI to transform the world


AI 100 - Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Startups

Fast Company

World Changing Ideas - Honorable Mention


❓ Is there a way for HR/managers to manage and track employees’ learning performance on their personal apps?

✔️HR/managers can easily divide employees into groups and manage their studying performance on the Company dashboard system tailored specifically for the company.

❓ Do ELSA’s lessons meet the demands of different levels of English?

✔️With rich content and different difficulty levels, ELSA Speak's lesson system is suitable for different learners with different levels. In addition, learners are prompted to take an assessment test at the start, to evaluate their current English proficiency level, so that the app can customize a lesson plan tailored to their needs.

❓ Does ELSA Speak have tailored content for the IT, consulting industry?

✔️ELSA Speak has topics that are closely related to the IT, consulting industry in addition to topics that serve the needs of everyday communication.

❓ What's the biggest difference between ELSA and other English learning apps?

✔️The most remarkable feature of ELSA Speak lies in its world's leading proprietary voice recognition technology, capable of instantly indicating and correcting errors for each syllable. Learners will always be responded to immediately like a 24/7 pronunciation coach.

❓ What other support does ELSA offer to our corporate partners?

✔️ELSA supports training for employees to accustom themselves to the app, training for managers to optimize Company Dashboard, automated onboarding operations in bulk, and a dedicated account management team to support specific technical issues for businesses.

❓ Can the company request a demo?

✔️ELSA will advise and deploy a trial within 7 days, which is completely free of charge for businesses in need. Just fill in the form and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Ready to enhance your English program?

check Why ELSA is recommended by 500+ corporate partners worldwide:

check Save up to 80% in training costs with ELSA's Artificial Intelligence app.

check Track ROI with real-time analytics on ELSA's dashboard. 3 months of study correlates with an IELTS speaking score improvement of 1.0 points.

check Improve employees' spoken English and communication skills, allowing for 50% better productivity and global communication.

check Win global business and establish a competitive edge with ELSA training.

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