Boost your students' confidence in speaking English

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1 in 3 students struggles with speaking English

Offer your student the flexibility of English speaking practice at home with ELSA’s Artificial Intelligence Coach

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Insufficient practice time, excessive workload to give 1-on-1 feedback for each student and lack of confidence are common challenges in learning and teaching English speaking.   

Meet ELSA, an AI-powered language learning app designed to complement both traditional and online learning methods. Practice with a 24/7 personalized coach, receive detailed feedback to improve on-the-go, track and record student progress easily and more.

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Manage your speaking class with ease

Instant & adaptive feedback
ELSA's Speech Recognition technology pinpoints exactly pronunciation errors with 95%+ accuracy.
Drive student engagement
Discover 16000+ speaking exercises and 200+ topics, from Daily Conversation to Work and Career.
Personalized learning path
Tailored curriculum and assessment test developed by ELSA experts based on
students’ goals and needs.
Real-time analytics
Stay up-to-date on minutes and lessons studied, as well as progress by student, class and department.

Statistics that talk

Learners that use ELSA regularly reported significant improvement in their communication and productivity


Saw an improvement in pronunciation


Felt they spoke more clearly


Expressed higher confidence in speaking English

22 million users 

Proudly serves

#1 recommended

by ESL teachers worldwide

1.5 billion exercises


Help students boost their confidence in speaking English

ELSA offers students bite-sized and diverse resources to improve their English pronunciation in a short period of time.

Initial Assessment Test

Each student is required to take a placement test so that the AI coach can analyze students’ speaking levels and suggest appropriate learning strategies.

Multiple Pronunciation Exercises

Each different game type helps students focus on a specific skill including: Listening, Pronunciation, Word stress, Conversation, Intonation and Video conversation game.

Dictionary Function

Speak any word and get instant feedback to improve your pronunciation and speaking skills. Join ELSA Global Community to learn with peers from 100+ countries in the world.

Global Community With 22M+ Users

Join ELSA Global Community to learn with peers from 100+ countries in the world

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What do our partners say?

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Each week my students do an oral presentation, and I can tell whether they have been practicing with ELSA or not. ELSA has also allowed me to continuously track and support students’ progress, through tracking the dashboard, I’m able to identify when students are falling behind and prompt them to increase their practice time.



Since applying ELSA to the classroom, our teachers would be able to save time scoring homework while our students are more satisfied with the quality of the class. Our students often use ELSA Dictionary to check the accuracy of each sound after learning.





Thanks to ELSA, students will be exposed to new sounds and the right intonation patterns, stresses and rhythms. The great thing about ELSA is you have a native speaker to listen to, speak to and practice with any time of the day. ELSA adds incredible value to our product, hence our decision to partner with them. Their team worked with us closely to test the product with key stakeholders and the stellar results of the pilot gave us all the certainty we needed to partner with ELSA.






This is my second semester using the ELSA app instead of a textbook to teach my college ESL pronunciation class, and I am so glad I made the switch! ELSA provides individualized learning and practice, and I can see the difference in my students' speaking skills and confidence. Students tell me they love the way it gives them personalized feedback. And since it is on their phone, it is convenient for them to fit in practice between daily tasks or on breaks at work. You can monitor student usage and progress on the teacher dashboard, and I found many students were practicing with ELSA far more than I had assigned for homework. The team at ELSA is great to work with and are quick to respond to any questions or issues. I encourage others to take the leap and ditch the textbook for ESLA.


❓ Is there a way for HR/managers to manage and track employees’ learning performance on their personal apps?

✔️HR/managers can easily divide employees into groups and manage their studying performance on the Company dashboard system tailored specifically for the company.

❓ Do ELSA’s lessons meet the demands of different levels of English?

✔️With rich content and different difficulty levels, ELSA Speak's lesson system is suitable for different learners with different levels. In addition, learners are prompted to take an assessment test at the start, to evaluate their current English proficiency level, so that the app can customize a lesson plan tailored to their needs.

❓ Does ELSA Speak have tailored content for the IT, consulting industry?

✔️ELSA Speak has topics that are closely related to the IT, consulting industry in addition to topics that serve the needs of everyday communication.

❓ What's the biggest difference between ELSA and other English learning apps?

✔️The most remarkable feature of ELSA Speak lies in its world's leading proprietary voice recognition technology, capable of instantly indicating and correcting errors for each syllable. Learners will always be responded to immediately like a 24/7 pronunciation coach.

❓ What other support does ELSA offer to our corporate partners?

✔️ELSA supports training for employees to accustom themselves to the app, training for managers to optimize Company Dashboard, automated onboarding operations in bulk, and a dedicated account management team to support specific technical issues for businesses.

❓ Can the company request a demo?

✔️ELSA will advise and deploy a trial within 7 days, which is completely free of charge for businesses in need. Just fill in the form and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Why ELSA is the #1 English speaking app recommended by teachers worldwide

👍 Over 16,000 speaking exercises covering all important speaking skills: pronunciation, fluency, intonation, word stress, listening, and contextual vocabulary.
👍 Customized, shareable word lists for your students to match your current curriculum. Personalized learning path for each student.
👍 Real-time analytics on students' study time and progress, including IELTS Speaking Score predictor.

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