Using AI technology to improve your student’s pronunciation
Teaching pronunciation has always posed challenges for English teachers:

• Insufficient practice time individually
• Phonological differences of non-native accents
• Excessive workload to design assessment test and give feedback for each student

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Interactive Dashboard
Save time grading manually and assign automated tests for students. Keep track of learning progress and total practice time.
Instant and adaptive feedback
Practice speaking and receive detailed feedback on Pronunciation, Intonation, Fluency, Word stress, Listening and estimated IELTS speaking score.
Drive student’s engagement
Make your classroom funnier with ELSA: 26000+ gamified exercise, 200+ topic for situational learning and a supportive ELSA global community.
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Customer success stories

Rice University increases students' engagement and English proficiency using ELSA App

"Each week my students do an oral presentation, and I can tell whether they have been practicing with ELSA or not. ELSA has also allowed me to continuously track and support students’ progress, through tracking the dashboard, I’m able to identify when students are falling behind and prompt them to increase their practice time."

Katerina - Lead Instructor

Rice Uni case (1)
Rice Uni case (2)

“As an administrator, if I am paying for this out of my own budget, I want to make sure students and instructors are using it and that it’s generating results. ELSA’s dashboard allows me to do this easily. I definitely feel that ELSA has been worth the money my program is spending on it.”

Jennifer Wilson - Director, Program in writing & communication 

See how ELSA works for your class

A group of leading experts from ELSA has developed a teaching curriculum specialized for pronunciation class based on 3 entry levels:

  • Beginner level
  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced level

See for yourself HERE ⬇️ 

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Empower your students to speak with confidence